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This month you will find T-Series consoles and Series 500 modules.

Some products are brand new, some have been at Trade Shows or in Demonstration facilities.

Fill in the enquiry page and get back to me there, or come direct at

ORAM T-Series T16MB brand new

List Price: £4431

Deal price: £3200
3 year warranty

ORAM T-Series T16MB used & refurbished
List Price: £4431

Deal price: £2900

1 year warranty


The same high quality precision electronics as in all our consoles;
now available in the API size standard.  Come out of the box and enjoy
great analogue audio


The world famous ORAM Mic-Pre as found in all ORAM consoles.

List: £645 and now on Promo Special at £290  

Contact:  Deal: 501

The world famous ORAM Series 80 EQ as found in many Trident consoles.

List: £793 and now on Promo Special at £386

Contact:  Deal: 502

The world famous ORAM Sonicomp Compressor

as found in ORAM PRO 80 consoles and many mastering rooms.

List: £793 and now on Promo Special at £386

Contact:  Deal: 503